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Scanning services in Willoughby

Companies all over Ohio utilize document scanning to convert files into electronic records. Once it’s in a digital format, documents are much easier to manage. If a document is needed, it is accessible with a basic keyword search. Access to every record can be limited to particular employees. This secures each document to a workflow basis.

Usage should be managed to prevent workers from taking the private information of customers and patients or clients. Every record has a retention life and an electronic document management system can instantly erase outdated records.

Steps to Going Paperless in Willoughby, OH

If you want to make your Willoughby office paperless, you should start by creating a document retention plan. Decide how long to retain each type of document then determine which employees require access to them. This plan should be published to each worker. 

Second, you should destroy all of the unnecessary documents. Have everyone who manages company records shred documents that should be retired. Also, provide shredding containers around your organization for everyone to place their outdated materials.

Have workers organize their personal records with the official document management policy and destroy everything that is unneeded. There is no need to scan documents that are not necessary.

The third step is to figure out what documents are likely to be needed in the future. If it is unlikely to be needed going forward, then just storing the original document is the better option. The records that remain after are what you need to scan.

Finally, it is time for the actual scanning. You can buy equipment and give the work to your employee or contractor. Or you can hire a local Ohio scanning service. If you have a box or two, then assigning an employee will work. But as you increase the volume of documents, this can dwarf your abilities. A scanning service is recommended at this point.

Willoughby Document Shredding makes the digitizing process simple. Our contractors have large scanning machines and employees who perform this work daily. They prepare the files and then destroy them after the work.

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